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The infobesity sufferer’s quest for answers starts with a short poem.

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The Infobesity Sufferer’s Quest for Answers: A Poem

Searching for info is an endless quest
Where is the answer
Who knows best.
I ponder
I puzzle
I click and I scroll
And all I uncover is a fresh rabbit hole.
But “Aha!” I say with humble chagrin
The answer is clear
This is where I begin.
Info becomes…

It occurred to us if assembling a boring, functional box could inspire a sense of ownership and parting with more dollars, then why wouldn’t this apply to your products and services too?

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In 2011 Michael I. Norton, Daniel Mochon, and Dan Ariely conducted a series of studies that compared a person’s labor and effort with their perceived value of the finished product.

One of their experiments involved people assembling their own IKEA furniture. They were asked to compare their completed work with…

3. A technique that has helped me write every post is simple. I “speak” to one person as I write.

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Have you ever felt like you should create more content but the whole idea feels like too much time and effort?

Or maybe your content isn’t delivering the win you are looking for.

A business owner recently asked how I stick to my regular weekly email schedule. He…

5. You feel like creativity must be innovative, unique, a moonshot every time.

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When you first read this post’s title, did you see “more” instead of “less”? If you did, you’re most likely in the majority. We all hear the “be more creative” chant so often that many of us just do a quick eyeroll and move on.

So thanks for opening and…

We think of a printer like a middle school dance wallflower

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We were in a client meeting recently, sharing our initial network discovery outcomes with them. The conversation was exactly the productive, friendly discussion we all look forward to. It was framed as a collaborative, knowledge-first session. No criticism. No judgment.

As we walked through the list of recommendations, we came…

Creating your ideal day starts by discovering what you do best.

Wooden desk and a bookcase

If you could describe your ideal business day to me, what would you tell me about it? How would you spend your all-too-scarce time? What does a well-done day feel like?

Take a few minutes right now — lean back and allow yourself to imagine that perfect day.

Time’s up…

There are 30 under 30 lists, but where are the 30 after 70?

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Like many avid readers and curious learners, I can’t just read a book. I have to highlight, bookmark, make doodle notes. And then there is the moment when the last page is turned.

I look up. Who can I share these new insights with?

This morning I started gathering notes…

Indulging in learning and exploration feeds our sense of purpose and contribution.

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I confess. I’m a committed curious learner. Always have been — at least for as long as I can remember.

There’s nothing like hearing the excited voice in my head shout, “What? Hold it! I need to know what this is all about.” …

“You think that everyone has the ability to connect the dots like you do. They don’t.”

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It was 2011, and I had the dubious honor of leading a 90-year-old member organization for the year. I say “dubious” because we were facing a financial crisis that challenged our future. We created a team of strategic leaders who would eventually bring us soundly to the other side. …

The imposter syndrome is real. I knew we were becoming a grown up company when our first startup client said, “You’re not feeling like an imposter anymore”.

Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash

Do you remember when you were a child and heard that someone was 30 years old? They sounded really old, didn’t they?

That’s a little how I feel as I look back 30 years. …

Linda Rolf

Every company has opportunities waiting to be discovered. Together we find them. I’m a lifelong curious learner & entrepreneur. Site:

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